Thursday, 6 December 2012

0 Songs for every ocassion...

Hi, so I may not be able to show you my home photos but I can still show you things I've found and youtube videos-stuff like that. With that in mind I'll still be doing posts however I can't this weekend Fri-onwards. I have finished the saturday styles for this year. So I am starting a poll so you can vote for your fav. The winning outfit will be seen in a photo shoot (It won't be me) sometime this year or early next. Tell your blog buddies (gotta love elliteration, right?!) and get voting. Next years saturday styles will be a mixture of my clothes and put together outfits from certain online shops because I've realised I won't a enough of a variety of clothes in my wardrobe to do 52 different looks a year. But with this post I have found a bunch of new Indie artists I'm loving for different reasons here they are...

Gabrielle Aplin Is an amazing vocalist she is the singer of the 2012 John Lewis Christmas advert with The Power Of Love by Frankie goes to Hollywood (I'm sure you've seen this) I looked into her music and it's really good! Here is one I love,

If you haven't heard The Power Of Love by her CHECK IT OUT!!!
Another artist I'm liking is,
Lenka,  also discovered on adverts Special K bars and also Windows 8. Her music is quirky and uplifting.
Lewis Watson-BONES
He's even got a Youtube channel,
Love the feel of this song...

Ingrid Michaelson,
Her song You and I is one of THE sweetest song out there!
A band...
Noah and the Whale
Hear the songs:
Mindy Gledhill
^ This is her album cover! ^
Catchy Songs
I do adore
Kate Costello
Listen to
Lucy Schwartz
Lucy Schwartz – Feeling of Being

So I hope you've found an artist you like from this list,
See you next time...

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