Saturday, 15 December 2012

0 Saturday Styles

So I know I said I had finished my S.S's but seeing as my photos are working I am still going ahead with it. So here's your Saturday fix...

Number 9.
'On a date'

(This post will be updated)

Love the dress but put with jeans like this...

Stretch coloured jeans

or this

turns it more casual!

Pick out a colour in an accessory or in the outfit and try find a match nail varnish. This will add more detail to your outfit...

I've picked out a flirty pink lipstick and would recommend using subtle eye shadow to balance the make-up. 
If you prefer you could use it the other way-plain lipstick and lovely eye shadow. Just remember only one!     

On personal preference these fragrances smell just what the outfit should smell like. You'd be able to buy these in any local pharmacy etc.

Shoes wise you should pick out that brown found in the necklace (btw did you notice it was re-use from outfit no. 3?)

It might be an idea to use a heeled shoe as you are wearing a dress to turn it more into a top and also it will feel a better length when wearing with jeans.

Hope you like that,
you should try a similar outfit!



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