Thursday, 28 February 2013

0 Saturday Styles

After a bunch of internet glitches I managed to get it sorted and I can show you the Saturday Styles which I was going to put on last weekend...buuut before I do that I know there's been a poll and the outcome is that Style Number. 2 has won! So?-this year there'll be a photo shoot done and a large post dedicated to the vintage type style, so look out for that...

This style, though, is a great typical teen outfit. I wore it last week when out with a friend, I think it's a fun style full of pattern and bold colours. What's great about this is it's all from Primark, cheap fashion-I love Primark! What I would do is maybe wear some black leggings to link the black in the top otherwise it may not work as well. I had some feather earrings on with a printed pastel geometric design on which worked well linking with the bird print.

Number. 10
'Teen Style'

So thats that! 
The Butterfly Wing

Saturday, 16 February 2013

0 This Week

Aah, what a good week it's been. Pancake day-good excuse for filling those tums! But me being me I got lost in the moment forgot the camera so I can't show any pics of my day (sorry) but i'm sure you had a good few pancakes...lemon and sugar? -Whats your favorite topping?
Then there was Valentines, a day where we can remember the good things about the ones we love and spend time in their company. I know a lot of people would say we don't need it love should be all year round I agree but I think Valentines in a day to actually embrace it and celebrate. After all there's nothing wrong with a few extra choccies-right?!
On Monday I wanted to try making a tart over eating one for the first time over last weekend. The one I ate was strawberry and cream one. Yummy! I found a recipe and tried it out I think the pastry was a job and a half I put it in for the right time and it still wasn't done so I ended up putting it in for longer to get it cooked and stopped because I thought I wouldn't end up right and I was right cos it tasted slightly bitter sweet. The tart I made was a summer berry and custard so for my first attempt I think I did alright? 
Hope you had a great week
The Butterfly Wing 

Monday, 11 February 2013

0 Emperor

I'm going to start making pictures and posting them on my blog from now on. Not on a certain day just whenever really, it'll be fun! This one was done as I watched a program on penguins I tried to plug in my tablet but for some reason it wouldn't work so I know this picture is slightly bad but oh well I did it with a laptop touch square so it wasn't easy...I hope to do more soon.

For now bye,
With love at,
The Butterfly Wing

Sunday, 10 February 2013

0 My February Wish List

We've all got those imaginary wish lists in out head full of goodies we wish we had. This month these are top of the list! I love retro bikes especially in baby blue or pink (with a basket!). I can think of nothing better than riding along in the summer with one of those-aah bliss x. Today I saw a Cath Kidston egg soap how cute is that? Perfect for an Easter gift. Lace floral pumps are to die for!!! I'm lovin' the colour of these ones from Mod Cloth. Then there's bowler hats, my fashion crush this month. I think they suite any outfit especially with fashion blazers. I've had my ears pierced for about three years and my favorite style are dangled hoops so it's no doubt that these look so sweet with the birds on them x. A couple of my friends have tried needle felting and I found a bunch of kits

Friday, 8 February 2013

1 Craft Room Inspiration

Hi everyone this weekend i'm thinking about different craft rooms people have done to take a bit of inspiration when it comes to doing mine soon. I've always since getting into craft wanted to do this sort of thing to my room. But I tell you what I turn into a right green monster each time I see amazing craft rooms. I think 'I want mine to look like that!!!' I know mine won't be as amazing as some online but 'eh it's OK to dream a little...

This one is cute as a button -get it?!

I love the way the scissors are hung up!

Vintage love x

Love the letters on the wall and the red !

This is just so cool xx

Out into the garden how sweet x

This one has been so well thought out...

Jealous- I want those fabrics!

I'm liking the storage desk (wonder where I can get one?)

Hope you get some Inspiration too,

The Butterfly Wing

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