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'On a date'

Shoes wise you should pick out that brown found in the necklace (btw did you notice it was re-use from outfit no. 3?)

It might be an idea to use a heeled shoe as you are wearing a dress to turn it more into a top and also it will feel a better length when wearing with jeans


'Bold Outfit Bold Personality'

I'd say this outfit is mainly for younger girls because I remember liking to try wacky outfits but not knowing how to do it. For older girls this can be adapted with what you have. It's bold coloured and arty perfect for a feel good day!


Number. 7
'Lovin' Scarves!'

I thought i'd share with you my love for scarves! They go with any outfit-just like this one!


Number. 6
'Rockin' winter around the town'

I like the way this outfit can be worn many ways and it's not inherited the boring colours of winter. Its comfy and just worn with jeans and Uggs can keep you on top of fashion without it feeling like it!


Number. 5
'Red and Blue'

 A twist on British colours turned Canadian...
It is know that red and blue are quite sailery colours but that's too safe to do, so I wanted to give a bit of a twist. Wear with pretty red pumps or heels to add to the sweetness of the look.


Number. 4
'Pretty In Pearls'

I love this style-it's so me. Simple, but balanced to just the right point with pearls to add elegance and femininity along with black in the dress and hearts in blouse. The pink is so gentle and adds subtle colour to the look. As it's a two piece outfit the look can be worn in different ways which makes it adaptable for person to person.
Blouse-£15 MandCo, Kylie
LBD- George, ASDA


Classic Autumn Outfit

So, most of this outfit is from Primark apart from the hat which I have had for a long time so this is a fairly cheap look.
*This idea came about when I was thinking about what necklace to use on the outfit I was going to use it but found it was too short but really loved the charms with the look so I gathered it up and pinned them with a hair pin to act like a brooch!

The good point about this outfit is that it's warm yet it doesn't have sleeves so it can also keep you cool on the on-off days


'Paris Stroll'

I love this look and it looks so much better on than in a photo, trust me. The french in this is such a nice style. Most of the outfit is from Primark the skirt was a gift and the tissues were from a Cath Kidston supplier. I wore this in the summer and it kept me cool so try it on the hot days. Also the hair I had on that day was a high messy bun with two strands of hair either side which looked nice. There wasn't much accessories I thought would go with it as the outfit its self already looks lovely.


Number. 1
'Girly and Vintage'

I really like this outfit as it has comfort as well as style. It would work with meeting up with friends or just a pop to town thing. The vintage in this doesn't look dull or dead like it sometimes can. It is brought out from the floral layered skirt to the charm necklace. Also, having a pearl bracelet like the one on top of the mannequin brings out the pearl in the necklace and makes you look feminine too. Plus tucking in a blouse and bringing out a bit of it over the skirts waist part looks quite cool as it goes with the rolled up sleeves.
Pulling the skirt higher and not bring the blouse over to give off a summery dress impression?
Skirt-local charity shop(penny savers they are!)
Bracelet-Claires accessories

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