Monday, 28 January 2013

0 Mega Post

Hi, I guess I'm not really the most dedicated blogger-but hey we all have lives! So as I said last year if I miss a week or more of posting I would have to give a 'Mega Post' a big post o your latest updates on T.B.W...

I am loving pastel tones with grey!

Mint + pastels + grey

In outfits too...


Red head drawings...


This was drawn using coloured biro pens!!!

Like a photo: Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva, 29, describes his art as a hobby

These were also drawn with biro pens...

Speaking about his picture of a Sumatran tiger, which took around 20 hours to finish, Silva said: 'This one is wild, that's why I love it.'

On this piece, Silva said: 'Originally I intended to spend 100 hours with this, and still I never spent so many hours with any drawing, in the end impatience won and I'll not work on this one anymore.'

This picture apparently took 100 hours to complete...


Chocolate blazers + leather shorts.

polka dot blazer <3

long dark hair colored blazer

Outfits with Blazers look so cool. Try with dresses shorts and anything casual to turn the outfit into a trendy one!


Saw them Loved them...

I can't even handle the cuteness

Photography By / by
Entryway inspirationDrawings
Nail Art Community Pins @ ExpimageStyle Me Pretty | Gallery | Picture | #746979


Hope to see you again! 
The Butterfly Wing

P.S Saturday Styles back on this Saturday

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

0 Some Cool Blogs

I love finding new blogs, today i've done a post about the blogs I've recently found...

cat versus human

I love the look on this blog bright and clear. It's a woman who makes comic strip style illustrations about her and her cat and they are so good.

Posts I like 

and this pic...

Looks-                9/10
Uniqueness-         9/10
Content-             8/10
Posts-                 8/10

This blog is an art project for peoples secrets which they write on a postcard and send in anonymously. I really like the concept and its so interesting to see them all. A whole archive since 2005, this is purely a no-fuss looking blog focusing purely on the secrets.

Looks-               5/10
Uniqueness-         10/10
Content-             10/10
Posts-                 8/10

Poppy Talk 

I love this blog 'cause it's fresh looking and full of pretty pics!She even has a 'shop' part so you could buy some of her lovely makes x

Poppytalk Handmade

Poppytalk - The beautiful, the decayed and the handmade

Looks-               9/10
Uniqueness-         5/10
Content-             9/10
Posts-                 9/10

So, there were just a few blogs to feast your eyes upon. Love to know what blogs you like that I haven't mentioned before!

Lots o' love,
The Butterfly Wing

Friday, 11 January 2013

1 'a great read'

Hey there, a good book is the ultimate way to finish the day-I know for me it is anyway. Nothing beats a good book to cosy-up with so since recently finishing one I thought I'd tell you about it...
To begin with it's a new author I thought I'd try out and read, Lauren Oliver. She's also done a book called 'Delirium' (which I'm reading). Anyway, It's a teen novel about a popular girl who dies and relives that same day over and over until she makes the right changes. After realizing this, she notices so many things that led to that particular day she died. How the girl who was scorned upon bottled up a secret that would have made things go very differently. How certain things are meant to be and how each minuscule decision has massive impacts to your next path. Each page literally makes you want to carry-on to see what one person say back to the other because after-all she gets to chose what ever she wants to do for her last day...

My Rating: 5 stars (I loved it!)
Ages: Teen-young adult but to be honest books with age guides shouldn't really put you off if your older  than it because it's about the actual story and you either like it or not.
Would I recomend this book? : Yes! I already have
Cost: New, £6.99 places like Amazon and Ebay will be cheaper
Release Date: July 22nd 2010

I urge you to read this book or if you have leave a comment about what you thought...

With Love,
The Butterfly Wing

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

0 Hello 2013!

It's here and there's no doubt that many people are taking up new years resolutions or making a start on something new. Today I thought I'd share with you my blog resolutions seeing as I can't commit to making personal ones!

No. 1
 I wanna try to make my posts more interesting for you to read and interact with. I'll try to put more pictures and videos because I know that the one thing I don't like to do on blogs is read a chunk of text-so sorry about that post a few days ago I needed to say a lot !

No. 2
 I will try to post more regularly but this will be hard with personal stuff going on and so I can't promise but-will try!
No. 3
 With this one I want to try and develop more of the T.B.W's blog look. Now I know I change my blog layout a lot but there are a few things I still don't know how to do and when I do there will be less changing so once I've worked it out it will be finally DONE.

No. 4
 A new page will come for 2013 a brand new shiny page but this is a surprise for now because I need to build things to go on it...

No. 5
  Finally I will include more ways for you to get involved like more polls, more ways to share and comment and easily. Getting comments, no matter what blog you have is really encouraging so by making it easier for you to do this will mean more feedback on things to improve and certain things you like on this blog

Looking forward to this year and I hope you are too! Have a great one guys...
With love,
The Butterfly Wing
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