Wednesday, 16 January 2013

0 Some Cool Blogs

I love finding new blogs, today i've done a post about the blogs I've recently found...

cat versus human

I love the look on this blog bright and clear. It's a woman who makes comic strip style illustrations about her and her cat and they are so good.

Posts I like 

and this pic...

Looks-                9/10
Uniqueness-         9/10
Content-             8/10
Posts-                 8/10

This blog is an art project for peoples secrets which they write on a postcard and send in anonymously. I really like the concept and its so interesting to see them all. A whole archive since 2005, this is purely a no-fuss looking blog focusing purely on the secrets.

Looks-               5/10
Uniqueness-         10/10
Content-             10/10
Posts-                 8/10

Poppy Talk 

I love this blog 'cause it's fresh looking and full of pretty pics!She even has a 'shop' part so you could buy some of her lovely makes x

Poppytalk Handmade

Poppytalk - The beautiful, the decayed and the handmade

Looks-               9/10
Uniqueness-         5/10
Content-             9/10
Posts-                 9/10

So, there were just a few blogs to feast your eyes upon. Love to know what blogs you like that I haven't mentioned before!

Lots o' love,
The Butterfly Wing

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