Friday, 25 October 2013

0 Leibster Award

Here are questions given to me by Poppy of Hopscotch and Daisy chains

One: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Small, arty and fun!

Two: Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
My biggest inspiration?-I don't think I really have used to be Miley Cyrus (when she was Hannah Montanna, I read her Biography and the way she tackled her bullying and got on to the show was really great) but now she's some one I definitely DON'T aspire to be or look up to. So, I guess it's people that do something inspirational like a person in my local news or whether it be an artist trying to tell a story not people doing things for publicity but those willing to be good without needing everyone to know about it. I think for many people it's their mum and for me she is the person I get my morals from...I love her as she always has an answer and helps me in times of need. :)

Three: When it comes to downtime, what do you do to relax?
To relax, I like to get the bath running and read in a nice tub of bubbles. Some people don't read in the bath others do, I'm one of 'em! At the moment I'm reading 'Along for the ride' by Sarah Dessen which I'm planing to do a review on once I've finished. Other days, I go on my laptop and try and accomplish something (to satisfy that brain of mine) like the other day I managed to put on social icon buttons at the side of my blog which made me pretty happy So I could sleep on a good note. 

Four: What do you love/hate about Autumn?
I love Autumn! Mainly because when I sense Autumn because of the slight chill behind the sun and the leaves of the floor I know that my Birthday is also coming. I love the fashion too, chunky knit scarves and wolly jumpers with jeans. It's also the time when I go shopping to get cheap Summer stuff for the next year.

Five: What is your favourite Disney film?
I must say-I was never really a Disney film fan as a young kid so was never into the princesses on screen but I sure had the costumes and dolls! I think I liked the story Thumbalina (If thats the spelling?) or Bambi even though it was sad. There has been great animated films like WallE and Toy Story 3, even Brave that have been so well animated. 

Six: If someone where to make a film of your life, who would you want to play you?
I would want Abigail Breslin she is a great actress and my brother said she reminded him of myself in Nim's Island. ;)

Seven: Do you prefer tea, coffee, or smoothies?
I love smoothies on a hot day where you need something fresh to bring you back to life! But during colder days, tea all the way! I just don't like coffee-eurck

Eight: What do you like about you? (Something positive - looks, or personality, etc) 
Haha, well I never really like the way I look day-to-day, I quite like my hair cause it's like tamed wilderness ahaha. 
 Nine: What is your guilty pleasure film/song/book?
Not really too sure, I'm pretty straight up to be honest, I love teen romance books though which is a little embarrassing.
 Ten: What is your favourite thing to wear on a lazy day?
Well I love to just wear my nightgown for ages but when I want to get dressed maybe joggers and a jumper-high fashion-right?!

Big thanks to Poppy for nominating me here is her blog,

Thanks for reading,

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