Sunday, 19 August 2012

0 My top...

My top five smells of Summer
(not in order)
Fresh vine tomatoes
Cut grass
Fresh air in the morning
Lemon Verbena 
My top feel good songs

Dancing in the moonlight by Toploader
 Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Carwash Rose Royce
Whistle by Flo Ryder
Don't stop me now by Queen
Dancing Queen by ABBA
     Flowers I like      

Whisper Germinis

The Butterfly Wing

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

0 Type Writer

Today we went to the skip (and I know what that sounds like) but I like the stuff you can sometimes buy there and do-up, and I found a type writer which worked perfectly! I remember loving them when I was little so I bought it and decided to do something to it. 
I started thinking about things I could do and I was stuck like writers block, so then I thought I want to do something for inspiration as I use it. I gathered a load of inspirational sayings and put them on the front of it (and soon all over). Its perfect for those writers block moments I love it!
And I've even made a pic tutorial on the things to make page-so check it out!

Here's another drawing I did 
Okay that's all bye!

Friday, 10 August 2012

0 Days at Bristol

In these past few days I have been going up to Bristol with the family and we've done lots of fun stuff. The only problem was waking up at 5am to get to where we wanted to be!

 YUM!Hot Chocolate with nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger-bliss...

To start off with we went to the zoo,

 This was soo fun but freaky when a parakeet ate off my arm!
 I love this little guy lounging in the sun.
 These two looked like an actual couple they act so much like humans!
 The seals were one of my favorites at the zoo, you could go and see them even from an underwater tube!
 The star fish were so weird I certainly wouldn't want to touch them!
 The tortoises were HUGE it was so cute the way they tried biting the leaves with no hands-n'aww.
 What made the meercats sweeter was that they had little babies that ran around, here's one of the families.
On the second day, we watched a balloon fiesta it was actually quite fun lots of them though.
Heres the 'up' balloon.

Hope your having a great summer!
The Butterfly Wing

Monday, 6 August 2012

0 Art

sorry about not posting you can blame the internet connection for that, but never mind. I have been up to a few things including my quilt project which I have finished the patch-working part. Also, I have been doing some art (you may have already guessed that from the title). I recently got some oil pastels which are great for blending colours and it doesn't come off on to your clothes.
I've come up with a sort of oil pastel guide...

As well as oil pastels, I have been using water colours which are lovely when used well but I am still grasping that part!

This was a little drawing I water coloured in a mini sketch book I have which I only draw things that I have come up with. There is no point bothering to draw something that you haven't come up with. I have done other drawings too but this was one that I put water colour on so I thought it fit this post.

Try some art this summer!
bye from the Butterfly Wing Crafter!

Friday, 3 August 2012


I tried this just today and I think I may addicted already! Basically it's peanut butter flavor Ice Cream  with peanut butter swirls and lots of it!

Baked Alaska is so melt-in-your-mouth tasty because of its flavor. With marshmallow swirls mixed with white chocolate and vanilla Ice Cream it is LUSCIOUS!

I love Haagen-Dazs Ice Creams, cookies and cream is one of my favorites as well as pralines and cream. Expect no disappointment when eating this! 


This tub of Ice Cream is great for milkshake-making and simply tastes GREAT! For 2L it's only 90p which works out at 4p per 100g.

See ya enjoy the rest of Summer!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2 Going to the fair!

This is how you can capture the colours of the fair easily!
Here are the pics...
 On this pic I used Duel IS image stabilization for things in motion creating a great action shot Upping the contrast on colourful pictures makes the colours richer. 
 I like this photo, we were waiting to see what group would be dropping first. I did the same effects as before but turned the brightness up the highlight the red carts. 
 I wanted to capture the Helter Skelter at the top right when your about to go down I think it's an uncaptured part of it
 I don't know what makes shoe pictures so nice but I just like them. On this photo I cropped it so the shoes are the center.
 Bit of a windy day, but I like the photo we were on the Sizzler.
It doesn't matter that this is a blurred picture because it captured the moment which is better than a perfect one with no meaning to you.

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