Monday, 6 August 2012

0 Art

sorry about not posting you can blame the internet connection for that, but never mind. I have been up to a few things including my quilt project which I have finished the patch-working part. Also, I have been doing some art (you may have already guessed that from the title). I recently got some oil pastels which are great for blending colours and it doesn't come off on to your clothes.
I've come up with a sort of oil pastel guide...

As well as oil pastels, I have been using water colours which are lovely when used well but I am still grasping that part!

This was a little drawing I water coloured in a mini sketch book I have which I only draw things that I have come up with. There is no point bothering to draw something that you haven't come up with. I have done other drawings too but this was one that I put water colour on so I thought it fit this post.

Try some art this summer!
bye from the Butterfly Wing Crafter!

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