Saturday, 30 June 2012

Thursday, 28 June 2012

0 The best ideas are often the simple ones!

< I love this idea I saw on Pintrest, credit to who I believe is the owner of this picture. I will do a  picture tutorial on this clever idea and how I made it soon.

A sneak peek at the tutorials I will do on 'Things to make' page...

Cinnamon soap packages

Distressing techniques



Remember to leave a comment if you want and please recommend to a friend.  I will be creating a button for you to put on your blog for a link to mine if you wish to do so.
Stay Crafty xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

0 A little bit of simple Decor

This is such a cheap way to decorate your room using quite a few colours for you to play about with. I have gone for green blue pink and purple. As pink is the odd colour out here you want to find a few of your things with pink in that you could display then suttly bring that colour in to certain areas like I have with the cushions so there is some sort of balance. I have played safe and stayed symetrical and therefore had a few circle boxes that I stacked and put a little ted on to finish it (the one from the three teds in a row post!). The  storage box was second hand that just needed a clean and I threw on top an old beach rug that gives a nice texture too.
Now i'm not saying to do your room like this but it's a bit of inspiration. You may want to try finding old furnature or may deside to rethink you colour scheme-I don't know just as long as you've put your stamp on it.
  I will put some more scatter cushions on the storage box of a plain material just to make it warmer looking, but for now that was just a little bit of  simple Decor...

Seeya x 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

0 Time Savers!

A quick piece of advice, buying letters stencils or stamps is a great value for money especially when it comes to Scrap-booking or card making it can make your final piece look of a better quality. 
I bought these really nice mini alphabet stamps from The Range for 99p which was a great bargain. I use them for mini cards or thank you notes to add a personal touch.

Another thing is letters on their own these are great too! I like they are of different styles and sizes in one big pack. These were from The Works for I think £1.99 or maybe £2.99 it's worth buying the equivalent though if you haven't got those shops near you.

I will update this post with the cards i have made with the letters on them soon!


Monday, 25 June 2012

0 Thanks a pot!

 I have this plant pot that I was given as part of an Easter pressie and never really planted any thing in it, it seemed a bit of a waste leaving it in the green house so I brought it in and it makes a great utensil pot for any hard-waring stuff (scissors etc.). Its design looks so nice on the table.
Why not put other things in it like pencils, scraps of material or maybe it could ct like a funky loose change pot?

And finally,with summer coming up I can guarantee to be doing messy crafting so now was the time to put some sort of order around it. Strange how it still looks messy even with my stuff in groups!

seeya xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

0 Tilda Purse

Just wanted to say that I recently I made a cute Tilda purse using actual Tilda fabric and fastner and I have made more from other materials too. I really like the fabric combination as you open the clutcht it is lined with white cotton.
This will take pride of place in my handbag!
Bye guys x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

0 Cute Bunting x

Another cute idea for your room bunting known for it's cheerful factor would brighten up any room. You know the drill, try it out!!!

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