Wednesday, 27 June 2012

0 A little bit of simple Decor

This is such a cheap way to decorate your room using quite a few colours for you to play about with. I have gone for green blue pink and purple. As pink is the odd colour out here you want to find a few of your things with pink in that you could display then suttly bring that colour in to certain areas like I have with the cushions so there is some sort of balance. I have played safe and stayed symetrical and therefore had a few circle boxes that I stacked and put a little ted on to finish it (the one from the three teds in a row post!). The  storage box was second hand that just needed a clean and I threw on top an old beach rug that gives a nice texture too.
Now i'm not saying to do your room like this but it's a bit of inspiration. You may want to try finding old furnature or may deside to rethink you colour scheme-I don't know just as long as you've put your stamp on it.
  I will put some more scatter cushions on the storage box of a plain material just to make it warmer looking, but for now that was just a little bit of  simple Decor...

Seeya x 

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