Saturday, 27 April 2013

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Hello Again,
Well it's time for Saturday Styles Inspiration day. Today it's dungarees! You've gotta love 'em, the signature look of art. I'm going to sow you how you can create a perfect look with the things.
From the Dungarees at Kylie-MandCo

With these bits like these...
Buy John Lewis Patent Clutch, Cream Online at

9ct Yellow Gold Ball Studs Earrings 7mm


Friday, 26 April 2013

0 A word or two from me

I was thinking about the types of posts I do and how zilch are actually me talking. I think sometimes it's worth a good chat. Whether it be with friends, family or just a stranger about the weather. So, the puppy I was last showing you pictures of is now sitting comfortably in front of me on the laptop. I've always wanted a dog; never sure what breed It was that I really wanted. But just a puppy in general, nothing beats it! This is Lola, a 7 week old Labrador Pup, who came to our home on Tuesday. I can't wait for the walks and tricks to be done. Mind you, she already can sit (if there's a treat involved!)

Bye guys,

Saturday, 20 April 2013

0 Saturday Styles

So, as you may or may not know yet...some Saturday Styles will be inspired by something I have and with a combination of things off online shops.

Saturday Styles 
Inspired by the skirt from Kylie @ MandCo

Now who said that you can't wear things in a different way?

Obviously, with a vest top  tucked in not jus' bare!

Star shaped earrings like these = a perfect combo...

As for shoes,

these ones should do from here x

I didn't really want to use the necklace for last Saturday Styles cos I thought I had more glitzy accessories. The necklace goes great with this style, though! 

Stop by soon,

Thursday, 18 April 2013

0 Meekakitty

My friend reminded me of a post I was going to do and the funny thing is I had it saved to my 'drafts' for ages. I about a girl called Tessa, she has a channel on you tube called Meekakitty. She does some cool vids and is always interesting to watch.

Here's the latest video of hers on How not to start a conversation

I love the way she cuts in-between the video, I don't know why that looks good it just does?

She has also got secret videos some of her singing in the description of some other's a song with her and her friend called Rusty doing the song Good Little Girl from Adventure Time.. It's really good!

And also, she has some amazing hair!!!

Ain't that just epic.

For some reason there are a bunch of Gifs online of her haha these ones are fun,

More links to her videos here...

here's one to feast your eyes upon

oooh I dare you to press this

video smideo why click this?

Just a fun post about a channel i've known for a few months why not check it out...

With Love,
The Butterfly Wing

Saturday, 13 April 2013

0 Saturday Styles

Sorry 'bout this because I did post an updated version of this so I guess that didn't work! Anyway, having put this on late on Saturday with a few minutes left of the day left I thought I'd shove a few pictures on to start the post but of course I promised to update so here it is...

Currently, there is a fashion trend of Khaki with diamantes on the collar or hints of glam to brighten the look. But whats for sure is that the Military Shirts are top of the high street at the moment!                                

F&F Twill Military Shirt

I bought this for £7.00 but you can now get it for £5.00

Inspired Style 
Khaki and glamour

I'd like to partner this shirt with some tucked in...
Black twill belted shorts! 

Also, if you like the golden highlights...the golden Deck shoes would fit this outfit to a tee!

With more muted accessories like these...

These are from Etsy KnotJustMacrame a lovely beading shop with jewelry that they made  

This is a rather cool bracelet I bought from Primark and I love the metal look on it and charms. x

Thanks for coming to my Blog,

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

0 Changes

You may-or may not have noticed that I've changed the font sizes, style and colour to be a bit more easier to read and clearer- hope this has been helpful!...
I want to make The Butterfly Wing improved to your preferences so that's why I have made a survey which I would appreciate if you could fill out. I can improve the blog and ultimately your the one coming here i'm only writing on it! So, I am listening, it takes under 2 minutes to fill our. What else could you do in two minutes...maybe eat a chocolate bar? but then again, you wanna savor it so maybe its more like 10 minutes to eat one. But nevertheless its quick easy and simple so your help is  gold to me.

Follow this link

The Butterfly Wing

Monday, 8 April 2013


It's almost the end of the half-term, a well deserved break from school I guess! Well I think it's about time I gave your an update on my life since I've practically abandoned everything blog related for a while...
So, where do I start since there is literally loads to chat about! Well, I really am sorry for not doing Saturday styles for ages I've sorta had a low because of other things I've seen on other blogs making what I do seem pointless for many reasons but I am going to change it slightly...but you need to wait and see to find out.
I have a few dance shows coning up and productions I'm in which is fantastic because preforming is what I love to do.
 Some big news is that our family are getting a puppy, a yellow Labrador to be precise and I cannot wait below are some pictures of our little girl. She comes home to us on 1st May so in the mean time we've been stocking up puppy goods.

^ Here's a video ^

What names do you think for her?

I personally am a fan of...

Bonnie (not a 'human' name so may work better)
Maisy ( I like the sound when you say it)
Lilly (I love flower names x)
Daisy (a popular name for labs but its a nice name)
Cassie (something a bit different)
Jess (different to the 'ee' sound)
Molly (adorable)
Ruby (sounds a bit cheeky)
Lola (sweet sounding)
Nala  (Unique)
(What's your favorite from the list)

Thats all from T.B.W

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