Monday, 8 April 2013


It's almost the end of the half-term, a well deserved break from school I guess! Well I think it's about time I gave your an update on my life since I've practically abandoned everything blog related for a while...
So, where do I start since there is literally loads to chat about! Well, I really am sorry for not doing Saturday styles for ages I've sorta had a low because of other things I've seen on other blogs making what I do seem pointless for many reasons but I am going to change it slightly...but you need to wait and see to find out.
I have a few dance shows coning up and productions I'm in which is fantastic because preforming is what I love to do.
 Some big news is that our family are getting a puppy, a yellow Labrador to be precise and I cannot wait below are some pictures of our little girl. She comes home to us on 1st May so in the mean time we've been stocking up puppy goods.

^ Here's a video ^

What names do you think for her?

I personally am a fan of...

Bonnie (not a 'human' name so may work better)
Maisy ( I like the sound when you say it)
Lilly (I love flower names x)
Daisy (a popular name for labs but its a nice name)
Cassie (something a bit different)
Jess (different to the 'ee' sound)
Molly (adorable)
Ruby (sounds a bit cheeky)
Lola (sweet sounding)
Nala  (Unique)
(What's your favorite from the list)

Thats all from T.B.W


  1. awwww your little puppy looks so so cute!!!

  2. oh and that's so strange that you're considering cassie because that was the name of my nan's dog!! also love nala, lola and jess have fun deciding xx

  3. She's so adorable! I really like Lola, Molly and Nala xx She's lovely, you must be excited! x


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