Saturday, 13 April 2013

0 Saturday Styles

Sorry 'bout this because I did post an updated version of this so I guess that didn't work! Anyway, having put this on late on Saturday with a few minutes left of the day left I thought I'd shove a few pictures on to start the post but of course I promised to update so here it is...

Currently, there is a fashion trend of Khaki with diamantes on the collar or hints of glam to brighten the look. But whats for sure is that the Military Shirts are top of the high street at the moment!                                

F&F Twill Military Shirt

I bought this for £7.00 but you can now get it for £5.00

Inspired Style 
Khaki and glamour

I'd like to partner this shirt with some tucked in...
Black twill belted shorts! 

Also, if you like the golden highlights...the golden Deck shoes would fit this outfit to a tee!

With more muted accessories like these...

These are from Etsy KnotJustMacrame a lovely beading shop with jewelry that they made  

This is a rather cool bracelet I bought from Primark and I love the metal look on it and charms. x

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