Thursday, 18 April 2013

0 Meekakitty

My friend reminded me of a post I was going to do and the funny thing is I had it saved to my 'drafts' for ages. I about a girl called Tessa, she has a channel on you tube called Meekakitty. She does some cool vids and is always interesting to watch.

Here's the latest video of hers on How not to start a conversation

I love the way she cuts in-between the video, I don't know why that looks good it just does?

She has also got secret videos some of her singing in the description of some other's a song with her and her friend called Rusty doing the song Good Little Girl from Adventure Time.. It's really good!

And also, she has some amazing hair!!!

Ain't that just epic.

For some reason there are a bunch of Gifs online of her haha these ones are fun,

More links to her videos here...

here's one to feast your eyes upon

oooh I dare you to press this

video smideo why click this?

Just a fun post about a channel i've known for a few months why not check it out...

With Love,
The Butterfly Wing

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