Friday, 28 December 2012

0 Just to say...

So, Christmas is over and I guess we've all spent the past few days soaking in the last few of the Christmas spirit that's left. I made some 'Pear Pies' which basically are Mince Pies but much nicer (to me) because they have bits of pear inside instead of the filling in Mince Pies. You simmer some butter, brown sugar, cranberries. pear and cinnamon in a pan and after a while you begin to smell the ingredients all together and it's divine (and that comes from someone who doesn't even like Mince Pies!) I also made some Christmas punch which was mulled wine without the wine and some Raspberry Swirls. Present wise I got some craft  bits, quilting rolls, an amazing gingerbread all-in-one,a CD and after with some money I had I bought a studio mic for my singing and stuff trouble was it went faulty so we had to return it and tomorrow I'll be collecting another. I've loved Christmas and hope you have too. An update is need for my last Saturday styles and there will be one final one in Saturday. After, I will put up a poll for you to vote on your favorite.The next Saturday Styles will be in next year. Now, I've got to go finish painting my walls-pink...
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Monday, 24 December 2012

0 More Christmas ideas

Christmas tomorrow and I found some more Pinterest Christmas Ideas you should try. I'm making non-alcoholic mulled wine with spice infusions and fruit (delish!) What are you doing now? I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sleep tomight but I'm looking forward to tomorrows celebrations....

Christmas Biscuits!

I want to go into this picture-right now!

Christmas cookies

These ginger-breads look amazing

Merry Christmas |

What lovely paperchain

christmas cupcakes

neat x

Christmas wrapping

This wrapping is so pretty


Newspaper print...


So sweet xx



Have a great Christmas everyone!

With love at 
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Friday, 21 December 2012

1 Christmas

Hope your getting excited-I know I am. I love Christmas, it's what I look forward to all year and it's worth the wait just to get that sense of morning joy as you open the presents. But I do love those 'all-the-trimmings' meals you eat and T.V specials you watch with the family. I love getting the decorations out of the loft and turning our house into a Christmas one. Have fun this Christmas!
4 sleeps to go...
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Sunday, 16 December 2012

0 Spot of baking

I've been baking today just getting a spot of Christmas cooking done. I started baking little wafer biscuits which taste a bit like thin shortbread. Then, chewy gingerbread boys (which were delish!) and my mum made mince pies-can't beat warm from the oven (even though I don't even like mince pies?) Next time I'll see them is next weekend cosied-up with hot chocolate and a film aaah.

Todays lyric,

Enjoy this week before christmas (finish those things you said you would do)

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

0 Saturday Styles

So I know I said I had finished my S.S's but seeing as my photos are working I am still going ahead with it. So here's your Saturday fix...

Number 9.
'On a date'

(This post will be updated)

Love the dress but put with jeans like this...

Stretch coloured jeans

or this

turns it more casual!

Pick out a colour in an accessory or in the outfit and try find a match nail varnish. This will add more detail to your outfit...

I've picked out a flirty pink lipstick and would recommend using subtle eye shadow to balance the make-up. 
If you prefer you could use it the other way-plain lipstick and lovely eye shadow. Just remember only one!     

On personal preference these fragrances smell just what the outfit should smell like. You'd be able to buy these in any local pharmacy etc.

Shoes wise you should pick out that brown found in the necklace (btw did you notice it was re-use from outfit no. 3?)

It might be an idea to use a heeled shoe as you are wearing a dress to turn it more into a top and also it will feel a better length when wearing with jeans.

Hope you like that,
you should try a similar outfit!



Wednesday, 12 December 2012

1 Craft stall!

Hey there, I managed to get my photos on here but i'm not sure how long it'll stay on. Anyway, mum and I went to do a craft stall about two weeks ago and it was loads of fun. Below are a few pics of the stall and things we made x

Our carrier bags (new washi tape)

Mums cats...

Mini soap packages

Pin cushions


My sock monkeys

Little festive hanger

Birds x



Those were the days sewing scrapbook

Christas mini

Teresa Collins Paris scrapbook


I want one-mums CK boards 

Rag wreaths I made x

I hope you liked the crafts we made,

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