Friday, 22 March 2013

0 A blog to have a look at

Don't you love it when you find something that really inspires you?-well i certainly friend introduced me to the blog 'Simply Me' an arty blog with mixed media and art journaling as her main posts. I think it's GREAT! She, every Wednesday does an inspiring Art Journal page and a video on how she did it. I also love her design/layout of her blog i always feel as if i should get my journal out and a couple of pants and do something. Trouble is, it's never as good as what she does on her blog...but i guess we all get the case of 'art envy' once in a while. It's only natural!

So here is an example of her Inspiration Wednesday posts...


Don't tell me that's not pretty...

Haha isn't she great?

Hope thata this post has made you want to do some art or even check out her blog
go on-you know you want to...

^ (this is the link) ^

With love from me at
The Butterfly Wing


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