Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2 Going to the fair!

This is how you can capture the colours of the fair easily!
Here are the pics...
 On this pic I used Duel IS image stabilization for things in motion creating a great action shot Upping the contrast on colourful pictures makes the colours richer. 
 I like this photo, we were waiting to see what group would be dropping first. I did the same effects as before but turned the brightness up the highlight the red carts. 
 I wanted to capture the Helter Skelter at the top right when your about to go down I think it's an uncaptured part of it
 I don't know what makes shoe pictures so nice but I just like them. On this photo I cropped it so the shoes are the center.
 Bit of a windy day, but I like the photo we were on the Sizzler.
It doesn't matter that this is a blurred picture because it captured the moment which is better than a perfect one with no meaning to you.

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  1. Is that my face on the right of the last pic? lol. great photos really captured the moments - love your blog! xx

    1. I think it might be, thank you for your comment!


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