Sunday, 29 July 2012

0 Want to personalize your bedroom?

This pic from the internet is a great example of a bedroom, it's practical tasteful, fun and personal. I have ten tips on how your room can achieve this!
  1. Throws/Quilts-these create a warm feel to your room. After all, your bedroom is a place where you would want to go!
  2. Cork boards, pin-up postcards letters and lists for you to remember.
  3. White and ?, try going a blank canvas and paint white then, bring in your favorite colour in the cushions, rugs and accent walls.
  4. Things to do, whether it be your laptop or a hobby like reading make sure there's that aspect in your room.
  5. Themes, in the room above they have gone with a specific pattern of a flower that they have kept with on the bed, walls and even the bag-it looks great!
  6. Make the bed the highlight, put teddies and cushions on your bed and make it as cosy as wanna get some good kip!
  7. Keep it bright, make sure you have a good source of light when you are in your room if you have a south-facing room you'd generally have the light if not draw back those curtains.
  8. Clear the clutter, it's natural but theres nothing worse than not being able to find something under piles of junk so the less you have the better off you are. You may want to put all your old stuff in a bag and pop down the local charity shop they'd love it.
  9. Mirrors. Mirrors can help a room feel bigger as they reflect in a way the space it can see so there's a little tip!
  10. Finnally, look for I N S P I R A T I O N. Look on the web for other ideas and use it as a template to look back on. Be bold and be you!
p.s try copy and pasting this ^ stick it up and stay motivated!

Hope that was helpful  
Love from the Butterfly Wing!

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