Saturday, 21 July 2012

0 Some of my favorite art journals

I love the colours on this art journal page! The birds look so sweet too.

The vibrancy of this page was amazing, the writing is so nice!
The water colour used on this page is really good. It's bright, genuine and what art journaling should be about.
This art journal is sort of like a scrapbook too, whats sweet about it is that it's mini and full of love!

This is a more simpler design but it is just as effective. I like the words that stand out over the text in the background.
Creative. The blue is stunning on the page.
This is so original and it all ties in together.
This art journal page is exactly my style-love it!

I will post some photos of my personal art journal pages that will continue to be growing throughout summer.
Try some art!

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