Friday, 11 January 2013

1 'a great read'

Hey there, a good book is the ultimate way to finish the day-I know for me it is anyway. Nothing beats a good book to cosy-up with so since recently finishing one I thought I'd tell you about it...
To begin with it's a new author I thought I'd try out and read, Lauren Oliver. She's also done a book called 'Delirium' (which I'm reading). Anyway, It's a teen novel about a popular girl who dies and relives that same day over and over until she makes the right changes. After realizing this, she notices so many things that led to that particular day she died. How the girl who was scorned upon bottled up a secret that would have made things go very differently. How certain things are meant to be and how each minuscule decision has massive impacts to your next path. Each page literally makes you want to carry-on to see what one person say back to the other because after-all she gets to chose what ever she wants to do for her last day...

My Rating: 5 stars (I loved it!)
Ages: Teen-young adult but to be honest books with age guides shouldn't really put you off if your older  than it because it's about the actual story and you either like it or not.
Would I recomend this book? : Yes! I already have
Cost: New, £6.99 places like Amazon and Ebay will be cheaper
Release Date: July 22nd 2010

I urge you to read this book or if you have leave a comment about what you thought...

With Love,
The Butterfly Wing

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  1. Oh it's such a good book! I really want to read it all, but I'll be so sad when it ends! Thanks for recommending it to me xx


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