Monday, 28 January 2013

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Hi, I guess I'm not really the most dedicated blogger-but hey we all have lives! So as I said last year if I miss a week or more of posting I would have to give a 'Mega Post' a big post o your latest updates on T.B.W...

I am loving pastel tones with grey!

Mint + pastels + grey

In outfits too...


Red head drawings...


This was drawn using coloured biro pens!!!

Like a photo: Portugal-based attorney Samuel Silva, 29, describes his art as a hobby

These were also drawn with biro pens...

Speaking about his picture of a Sumatran tiger, which took around 20 hours to finish, Silva said: 'This one is wild, that's why I love it.'

On this piece, Silva said: 'Originally I intended to spend 100 hours with this, and still I never spent so many hours with any drawing, in the end impatience won and I'll not work on this one anymore.'

This picture apparently took 100 hours to complete...


Chocolate blazers + leather shorts.

polka dot blazer <3

long dark hair colored blazer

Outfits with Blazers look so cool. Try with dresses shorts and anything casual to turn the outfit into a trendy one!


Saw them Loved them...

I can't even handle the cuteness

Photography By / by
Entryway inspirationDrawings
Nail Art Community Pins @ ExpimageStyle Me Pretty | Gallery | Picture | #746979


Hope to see you again! 
The Butterfly Wing

P.S Saturday Styles back on this Saturday

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