Friday, 8 February 2013

1 Craft Room Inspiration

Hi everyone this weekend i'm thinking about different craft rooms people have done to take a bit of inspiration when it comes to doing mine soon. I've always since getting into craft wanted to do this sort of thing to my room. But I tell you what I turn into a right green monster each time I see amazing craft rooms. I think 'I want mine to look like that!!!' I know mine won't be as amazing as some online but 'eh it's OK to dream a little...

This one is cute as a button -get it?!

I love the way the scissors are hung up!

Vintage love x

Love the letters on the wall and the red !

This is just so cool xx

Out into the garden how sweet x

This one has been so well thought out...

Jealous- I want those fabrics!

I'm liking the storage desk (wonder where I can get one?)

Hope you get some Inspiration too,

The Butterfly Wing

1 comment:

  1. these craft rooms are so cool! i especially love the vintage love one! i'm sure your room will be just as pretty if not prettier! x


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