Saturday, 16 February 2013

0 This Week

Aah, what a good week it's been. Pancake day-good excuse for filling those tums! But me being me I got lost in the moment forgot the camera so I can't show any pics of my day (sorry) but i'm sure you had a good few pancakes...lemon and sugar? -Whats your favorite topping?
Then there was Valentines, a day where we can remember the good things about the ones we love and spend time in their company. I know a lot of people would say we don't need it love should be all year round I agree but I think Valentines in a day to actually embrace it and celebrate. After all there's nothing wrong with a few extra choccies-right?!
On Monday I wanted to try making a tart over eating one for the first time over last weekend. The one I ate was strawberry and cream one. Yummy! I found a recipe and tried it out I think the pastry was a job and a half I put it in for the right time and it still wasn't done so I ended up putting it in for longer to get it cooked and stopped because I thought I wouldn't end up right and I was right cos it tasted slightly bitter sweet. The tart I made was a summer berry and custard so for my first attempt I think I did alright? 
Hope you had a great week
The Butterfly Wing 

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