Thursday, 28 February 2013

0 Saturday Styles

After a bunch of internet glitches I managed to get it sorted and I can show you the Saturday Styles which I was going to put on last weekend...buuut before I do that I know there's been a poll and the outcome is that Style Number. 2 has won! So?-this year there'll be a photo shoot done and a large post dedicated to the vintage type style, so look out for that...

This style, though, is a great typical teen outfit. I wore it last week when out with a friend, I think it's a fun style full of pattern and bold colours. What's great about this is it's all from Primark, cheap fashion-I love Primark! What I would do is maybe wear some black leggings to link the black in the top otherwise it may not work as well. I had some feather earrings on with a printed pastel geometric design on which worked well linking with the bird print.

Number. 10
'Teen Style'

So thats that! 
The Butterfly Wing

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