Sunday, 10 February 2013

0 My February Wish List

We've all got those imaginary wish lists in out head full of goodies we wish we had. This month these are top of the list! I love retro bikes especially in baby blue or pink (with a basket!). I can think of nothing better than riding along in the summer with one of those-aah bliss x. Today I saw a Cath Kidston egg soap how cute is that? Perfect for an Easter gift. Lace floral pumps are to die for!!! I'm lovin' the colour of these ones from Mod Cloth. Then there's bowler hats, my fashion crush this month. I think they suite any outfit especially with fashion blazers. I've had my ears pierced for about three years and my favorite style are dangled hoops so it's no doubt that these look so sweet with the birds on them x. A couple of my friends have tried needle felting and I found a bunch of kits

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