Friday, 5 July 2013

0 Well hello there?

Hi guys! Well it seems a year since the last time i actually updated on here...yeah sorry 'bout that but i guess there's plenty to catch up on though. What have i been doing, then? i hear nobody ask well a few things really...
-you tube uploading

I want to start with an end to my Saturday style posts this is just the scrapping of the promise to do it on a Saturday. I would be keeping the fashion element to my blog every so often and the page up, this will mean that i do more of my own clothes outfits on the mannequine. I find it hard to do fresh styles when i'm repeating items of clothing from past styles so i may in the time after each one have been buying things which i could therefore use in my new styles.
Instagramming, i'm loving it. I'm a new user and will follow you back after you follow me. I just love the vintage look of it here are some of my pictures so far...

If you want to follow my user name is 'Rozzie100'

Youtubing? Well my friend and i have a new you tube channel...i'm debating whether or not to say so i will get back to you on that soon! 

Rehersing. For a few months now i have been rehearsing for a play the first to be able to be done outside London which is VERY exciting.

As far as tidying my bedroom always has to be done. During the summer hols i look forward to doing my room up. He he...

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