Friday, 30 August 2013

0 Things I love RIGHT now!

This cover...

She has such a good voice and the video is great too. I'm loving the original just as much but I love the softness this one has. Go subscribe to her cos she does some great music. Gosh, I keep repeating this but haven't yet got bored...


I'm a newbie! Just joined after just repeatedly going on to Google Images (other image engines are available!) and typing in 'tumblr Pics' so it made sense that I just make an account. So I have, I promise to link my tumblr blog when I finalize the design. My friend had tumblr (still has) and warned me about getting hooked but so far I have been okay only because I'm still figuring it out.

Primark (I crave you!)....

I just the fashionable clothing at cheap prices and the rate they update their stuff it's just! I just recently bought two pairs of PJ bottoms that I was after for a long time and guess what?!-yup they were on sale baby! £3 that was all...sweet, sweet Primark. Just thinking about it makes me wanna go there again I need rehab Primark style... x

Pomegranates yummmy....

(^ seeing them like that is weird [I get mine in a pack]^)

Each time my parents go out and ask me if there's anything I may-"POMEGRANATES!". As you can probably tell I love them...if they didn't have the annoying seed thing in the center I would buy a million packs buuut they have to have it because of well nature...great. What's weird is that I'm not all that keen on the Juice but just plain Poms will do me. They will do me fine.

So there's a random post for you!
 Thought you'd appreciate some sort of activity on this Blog
(life is busy right now I assure you!)

Love you all,
The Butterfly Wing

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