Sunday, 11 November 2012

0 Jars!!!

Hello everyone, I want to make you more eco friendly-the whole re-use reduce and recyle thing. I didn't go and buy a new storage system for my crafty bits instead I just used jars.
 Whats great about them is that you just wash them out (use warm water and a bit of soap) and their ready to use. They're thick glassed (usually) which makes them robust and strong. Ideal for pretty much any thing that'll fit inside...
 I've used stamps to go inside, and a coffee jar for the jar. On the lid it had the logo so I simply just recycled it but you could try covering it with material and ribbon around the edge to make it more personal.
They look really authentic and when you have them all lined up or in different shapes and sizes it looks great!
 These jars were sweet jars but I also cleaned them out and used them for the even smaller things like buttons or things I didn't have a lot of.

 Different shapes...
Feathers look good too..

I based the jar idea around the picture I found on pinterest for My Craft Room (below)

Pinned Image

So what I'm trying to get at is...try using things from other things. You'd be suprised how great it is!


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