Tuesday, 6 November 2012

0 Rings and things...

Hope you guys are liking the new look here!
I thought I'd share some of my favorite looking rings because I was thinking that I don't usually wear them and wanted to see if there where any to my taste. Here were a few of  my fav finds.

ring ring ring

Mint Floral Ring Mint Rose Ring Mint Green Rose Ring Antique Filigree Ring - L'Amour - Antique Brass Filigree

I LOVE the roses on these!

love jewelry.wire love rings.custom word rings.gift box included.weddings.bridemaids gifts.fast shipping.

This is a cool ring, I love the fact it's all one line. x

Sterling Silver Stacking Word Ring - Hand Stamped Rustic Personalized ONE RING

Stacking rings rock!

strawberry peanut butter and jelly best friend rings bff polymer clay

Lovin' the BFF rings!

Verdigris Feather Ring - Hand Forged Brass Feather Ring - Shabby Chic, Adjustable

Feather ring x

Bronze Adjustable animal ring jewelry, Cute spot dog ring (Matte or Shine)

A whole hand of rings....

Silver elephant ring with a leaf

Aah this is sweet!!! 

That's all, Seeya!
The Butterfly Wing

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