Saturday, 8 September 2012

0 saturday styles

I got my mannequin out today and felt a little designery so I put together a few styles for Saturday! Each Saturday you'll get an inspiration outfit picture put together by me and a talk about how it came across, enjoy...

Number. 1

Girly and vintage

I really like this outfit as it has comfort as well as style. It would work with meeting up with friends or just a pop to town thing. The vintage in this doesn't look dull or dead like it sometimes can. It is brought out from the floral layered skirt to the charm necklace. Also, having a pearl bracelet like the one on top of the mannequin brings out the pearl in the necklace and makes you look feminine too. Plus tucking in a blouse and bringing out a bit of it over the skirts waist part looks quite cool as it goes with the rolled up sleeves.
Pulling the skirt higher and not bring the blouse over to give off a summery dress impression?
Skirt-local charity shop(penny savers they are!)
Bracelet-Claires accessories 

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