Saturday, 1 September 2012

0 Fashion

Wow, not posted in a while, but had a great beach get away with the family so I thought I'd take a break with blogging too. But I'm back so I decided to to a fashion post which may not seem like the type of thing I do on the Butterfly Wing but it is also an interest of mine as well as a lot of other things. I have decided to also do hairstyles and make-up to get the WHOLE look!

Party themed

 This Hairstyle (messy side bun)
makeup like this...
 This blouse!


with the trousers if you wear grey make your make up more smokey, back-add eye liner and white keep it as it is.

neon pink heels-aldo capecoral platform pump
and...these shoes!

This will be updated, for now bye!

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