Tuesday, 11 September 2012

0 Songs you should hear!

In a monster mask by Pomplamoose

I love this song and its stuck with me, and I recently found this stop motion video which looked cute.
Euphoria, winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest sung by Loreen of Sweden

It's a bit of a dance track depending on how you view it, but it was a clear winner.
Not There Yet-Luisa Sobral

My favourite song at the moment but I haven't got into any of her others just yet-still, love this one!

Heart skips a beat, Lenka

I heard this song on an advert and it was catchy so typed it up and ta da its in my favourites!
Aly and Aj Like Whoa

Like Whoa was on Singstar Disney and I really liked it and although it's sort of old now I still like it!

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