Sunday, 2 September 2012

0 Fashion post # 2

so, I found doing fashion posts quite fun so i'm doing another for todays post!

The...'I can look good when not suppose to be looking good'...look

Your Heart Isn't Made of Wood Necklace

This heart pendant works well on top of the outfit!

Long Sleeve Knot Front Shirt
Aah comfort always wins!-yet this casual shirt is like a blank canvas when it comes to the outfit, ready to accessorize! 
Are these a statement colour or what?
Dune Mackney Patent Flat Heel Bow Trim Ballerina Pumps, Camel
These pumps are sweet! x

Festival Drawstring Bag

I l-o-v-e this Aztec bag- it works a treat with the outfit bringing out all the colours!
your perfect outfit anyone can pull together as we all have some of this in our wardrobe!
Best wishes with your 'pull togethers'

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