Sunday, 28 October 2012

2 Decoupage

Decoupage is the name of two things, one is where you build up one image to make it 3D, the other is overlapping several peices of tissue like paper on a surface. That's what the final G.I.C.W is gunna be!
You can find the special papers for Decoupage at craft stores like Hobby Craft or The Range...
Make things like this,
Turn wooden letters into wall art. Using vintage comics and decoupatch glue.
A letter of your name
Love these bangles!!!
Funky stool,
On boxes
Comic Table x
Atlases are a cheap alternatetive to the tissues
Old Clocks
Here are the supplies to buy!
Decopatch Paperpatch Glue/Varnish 150g
the glue/varnish
Decopatch Extra Small Brontosaurus
a surface
the paper
Instead of the papers use
  • Tissue Paper (very cheap to buy)
  • Atlases
  • Newspaper
  • Comics
  •                                                              Music Note paper
                                                            Anything thin enough will do

and then,
  • Dry-clear Pva
  • Varnish or clear nail varnish (watered down)
That's all for the Get Into Craft Week. Remember there are loads more crafts out there!


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