Thursday, 25 October 2012

1 Sewing

Sewing is a craft which is very universal! With many things to make and so which cover the word 'sewing' I'll bet there's something you'd wanna make...
Felt is great to sew with it's bright and has great texture.

Take a look at these from Pinterset,

felt sewing kit
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Fabrics I like...

cute cute fabriccute cute cute fabriccute.super cute fabric!! #fabricCute fabriccute coffee fabriccute fabricCute flag fabricsuch cute fabric!

more cute fabric cute nursery fabricCute fabric!

This book looks great for extra inspiration-I think I might get it!

Sewing is a great thing to do for friends, family or for selling to other people as it has that homemade look which is really appealing.
Personally, I'm a big fan of sewing and I keep going back to it every so often. Try it out-see what you can make...
Come tomorrow for G.I.C.W!
The Butterfly Wing

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  1. I've seen those felt camera/phone cases! they're so cute! loving G.I.C.W so far xx


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