Monday, 15 October 2012

1 Double Post x

I wanna start by saying sorry for not posting much, my party was a few days ago and all week I've been busy its just one of those things really but never mind there some catching up to do!...
Firstly I cheched my page veiws for yesterdays count only and I recieved 77!!!! I was SO  pleased as my average is about 20 ish so 77 is great and its my highest ever in one single day-thanks so much!!!!
Back to blogging, right...

(Semi) Saturday Styles Due: 20th Oct
Saturday styles NEW!: 20th Oct

This outfit hasn't been pulled together with what I've got thats why it's semi saturday styles but I sewed the back of it tighter to bring up the neckline because I prefered a higher neck with the sort of design. I will put it with some other things too. It's what I wore for my party and with my birthday on Thursday I thought i'd keep with a theme.

Here are just a few of the presents I got from my friends:

My friend made this check her blog out!
Hopscotch and Daisychains >

These cake cases rule!

I love these smells thanx friends!

Omgosh I love Happy Days (scrap book inspiration!!!)

This is so sweet!

Bubblegum necklace

Lovely GingerBread earrings


This suites my room to the tee!
For my buttons x
I loved them all and these were only a few!
I'm starting something called a MEGA post where if I miss a week+ of posts then I will create a huge post to make up for it called a MEGA post
In my party we played games to get prizes I got...

Thanks for stopping by,
With love from
The Butterfly Wing

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  1. Awww thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm glad you liked all the presents you got, and I can't wait for saturday styles. plus well done for getting so many page views! xx


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